02, Thu May 2024

Biologix 2024 Annual Cycle Meeting

Biologix is thrilled to share the highlights of the 2024 Annual Cycle Meeting, held in the beautiful city Istanbul from April 23 to April 25.

Our colleagues from across the MENA region convened for a memorable gathering, commemorating our accomplishments in 2023 and charting the course for our strategic goals, initiatives, and priorities for 2024.

At Biologix, we recognize that excellence is the cornerstone of remarkable achievements. During the Cycle Meeting, we proudly celebrated the exceptional contributions of our team members.

United as one team, we engaged in dynamic discussions and enriching workshops, leaving us inspired and optimistic for the future of the patients and the healthcare community we are dedicated to serving with passion and commitment.

During the opening ceremony, our CEO emphasized the transformative power of responsible action and urged us to 'DREAM BIG', blending visionary aspirations with grounded pragmatism, guided by his journey and core principles of Discernment, Questioning, Pursuit of Humility, and Stewardship.