08, Sun Oct 2023

Biologix Engages with Key Industry Leaders at the 3rd PharmaReg AfriSummit 2023

Biologix has participated in the recent PharmaReg AfriSummit 2023 held in Cairo on October 8th and 9th. The event served as a prominent gathering, featuring a diverse spectrum of attendees from multinational pharmaceutical giants to regional players and esteemed health authorities.

The conference agenda was rich with enlightening sessions and insightful presentations delivered by health authorities and leading pharmaceutical companies. It offered an invaluable opportunity to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate with the industry's key influencers.

At Biologix, we recognize the pivotal role that regulations play in the pharmaceutical industry. By actively engaging in these conversations, we aim to not only understand the nuances of regulatory bodies but also to contribute to the evolution of industry standards.